Land and rain
We make organic and biodynamic wines and cavas.
Products, originating from the land and the rain, which aim to touch upon the high point of our sense perceptions.
Organic and biodynamic growing

The universe is our inspiration

At Castell d’Age we were pioners in the introduction of organic farming. The present generation has taken the family’s mission one step further with an upgrade to biodynamic agriculture.
Origins and philosophy

Women and gods

The history of Castell d’Age is tied to three generations of women: grandmother, mother and daughter. Catalan by birth. Swiss in spirit. And their symbol is the griffin.
The fruits of our labour

Patience and yet more patience

We started tending and caring for our vineyards over 50 years ago. And in our cellars, the bottles sleep for months on end until the moment they see daylight. We are not in any hurry.
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Carretera Capellades a Martorell Km. 19-20
La Beguda Baixa
08791 Sant Llorenç d'Hortons
Barcelona. Spain
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